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General tips for searching

The German Hospital Directory (DKV) provides you with flexible options in the form of a graduated search to help you find the right hospital for you. Here you can find the necessary information about the search function and the special features of the individual search criteria.

As well as a full-text search, there are also six search options available, allowing you to start the search for hospitals or to refine your search query:

  • Regional search
  • Search for clinical picture and treatment
  • Quality search
  • Search for structure and services data
  • Search for frequently treated diseases
  • Search for international patients

You can select one or more search options and combine them. The more specifically and comprehensively you select your search criteria in the individual search screens, the more precise your search result will be, i.e. the more likely you are to find the right hospital for you.

The DKV homepage displays the various search options. After you have selected the first search criterion, a list of "Search results" is displayed in the lower screen section, showing the hospitals that meet your chosen search criteria. If necessary, you can further refine your search. The search options are displayed as icons in the DKV window. The list of search results is displayed after each search.

Example of a combined search:

You are searching for a local hospital that treats your disease and also has specific equipment available.

After entering a town/city or a postcode and an area into "Regional search" (alternatively, you can use the first field of the full-text search), you can enter your disease into the full-text field using "Search for clinical picture and treatment" (or, alternatively, use the body diagram). The lower screen section displays the hospitals that lie within your defined area and that treat the clinical picture you have entered. To refine your search further, enter the equipment you are searching for using the icon "Search for structural and services data". The list of "Search results" now contains only those hospitals that lie within your chosen area, treat your disease and have available the large-scale equipment that you want.

In the list of search results, Short profiles provides you with a quick overview of the selected hospitals. The Individual display of a hospital provides detailed information or you can enter hospitals in the "Note list" and compare them with each other.

Summary of the search:

  • Choose from six options when starting your search
  • Refine search or use
  • results list directly ("Note/Compare" list)

Search history

Your selected search parameters are displayed above the results list, where you can change them directly. You can, for example, delete parameters that have overly restricted the search result or select a larger radius for the area search.

Continue search

As long as you are active on the DKV page, you can continue your previous search via "Continue search" in the left-hand column navigation. All your previously selected search criteria are retained and are visible to you in the "Search history".

New search

In the left-hand column navigation, you can start a "New search". This will delete all your previous search criteria and you can start a new search. If you have already entered hospitals in the "Note list", these are retained for as long as you are active on the DKV page.


The right-hand column of the DKV contains legends explaining the features of each section.