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Help with the regional search

Three regional search options are available to you:

1. Search by federal state

The option "Search by federal state" allows you to search for all hospitals in a selected federal state. You can choose the federal state by clicking on the map of Germany or by selecting it from the list.

The result displays all the hospitals in your chosen federal state. You can narrow the search further by choosing a hospital location (town/city or area).

2. The area search

The "Area search" lists all hospitals located within a certain area of a specific postcode or town/city. Please note that you must enter either a postcode or a town/city.

By entering a postcode or a town/city, you can define the central point of an area search. You can then use the dropdown list to determine the radius of the search at 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 km. You start your area search by clicking on the field "Search".

3. Search for a specific hospital

If you already know the hospital that you are searching for, enter the hospital name into the appropriate text field and start the search by clicking on the "Search" field. You can also enter the town/city in which the hospital is located.

The result will display the hospital you are searching for and all hospitals whose names contain the text you have entered and that are located in your chosen town/city.


You are looking for the hospital "Example clinic Example town". If you enter "Example", this will find all hospitals whose names contain the word "Example", i.e. including the "Example clinic Example town".

If you enter "Example hospital", this will not find "Example clinic Example town".

It is not possible to combine the three regional searches.