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Search results

Help with the list of search results

After every stage of your search, a list of "Search results" is displayed in the lower screen section, listing the hospitals that meet your selected criteria in tabular form.

The following information is displayed for each hospital:

  • Photo
  • Name, postcode and town/city
  • Number of (fully inpatient) cases
  • Number of beds
  • Distance from selected town/city/postcode (if a regional limitation was set)
  • Location map
  • Short profile
  • Quality report
  • Inclusion in the Note list
  • Information on the following areas:
    • Names of the specialist departments in which the search term occurs with a link to the general information on these specialist departments and their services data.
    • If you are searching for specific ICD/OPS codes, the number of cases of these diseases and/or the number of treatments performed per specialist department will be displayed.
    • If you are searching for service area(s) of external quality assurance, a link to the service area(s) and the associated quality indicators is displayed in the list of results.

Sorting options

The search results are always sorted alphabetically according to hospital names.

If you have performed an area search, the list is sorted in ascending order of distance from your selected location.

You can sort the search results by clicking on the respective heading (e.g. town/city). 


Ten search results are displayed per page. If more than ten hits are found, the search results are displayed over several pages.

Clicking on the arrows below the list of results takes you to the next page and displays the next ten hospitals. Click on the left arrow to go back one page or on the right arrow to go forward one page.

Clicking on the double arrow takes you to the beginning or end of the search result list.

You can find a specific page by clicking on the desired page number.

Short profile of the hospital

Using the link "Short profile" takes you to a short version of the main data of the chosen hospital. You can save and/or print out this PDF document. As well as the contact data, you will find information about specialist departments, cases, personnel and large equipment.

Quality report

Via the link "Quality report" in the list of search results you can read or download the quality report of the individual hospitals in PDF format, if the hospital has provided such a PDF file.

Noting hospitals

You can note down hospitals by clicking on the symbol "Compare" for the hospitals in question. The selected hospitals are added to the "Note/Compare" list.

The structure of the "Note/Compare" list is the same as that of the list of "Search results". Selected hospitals can be noted by clicking the check box "Include in the selection" in order to perform various actions:

Removing a choice from the Note list:
The selected hospitals are deleted from the Note list.

The short profiles of the selected hospitals are created as PDF files and can be saved or printed.

The selected hospitals are presented in comparison with each other.

Individual display

Clicking on the hospital names or the photo takes you to the "Individual display" of a hospital. Here you can obtain comprehensive information about the selected hospital.

The structure of the information is displayed in the left-hand navigation bar. Here you can select the areas that interest you. The structure of the individual display is based on the structure of the quality reports:

  • Information on the hospital
  • Information on the specialist departments
  • Quality assurance
  • Information for international patients

Information on the hospital

  • General information
  • Structure and services data
  • Other information
  • Personnel
  • Equipment

Information on the specialist departments

  • General information
  • Structure and services data (inpatient)
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Personnel

Quality assurance

Information for international patients

  • General
  • Clinic facilities
  • Room facilities
  • Other services