Special instrument-based equipment

Equipment Explanation 24 hr emergency availability
Lithotripter (ESWL) Yes
Electro-physiological measuring station with EMG, NLG, VEP, SEP, AEP Yes
Left heart catheter laboratory Yes
Ventilator for ventilating pre-term neonates and neonates Yes
Angiography device/DSA Yes
Uroflow / bladder pressure measurement / urodynamic measuring station Harnflussmessung Yes
Treatment station for mechanical thrombectomy for stroke Yes
Capsule endoscope Yes
Device for lung replacement therapy / support Yes
Device for kidney replacement surgery Hämofiltration, Hämodialyse, Peritonealidialyse Yes
Incubators Neonatology Yes
High frequency thermotherapy device Yes
Proton therapy Yes
Magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT) Yes
Mammography device Yes
Scintigraphy scanner/ gamma probe zur Sentinel- Lymph- Node- Detektion Yes
Computed Tomography (CT) Yes
Electroencephalography device (EEG) Yes
Positron emission tomograph (PET)/PET-CT Yes
Radio frequency ablation (RFA) and/or other thermal ablation techniques Yes
Pressure chamber for hyperbaric oxygen therapy In Zusammenarbeit mit"Überdruckkammer Kassel"(v.a. für CO-Intoxikationen bei Verbrennungspatienten) NO