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The German Hospital Directory offers you the opportunity to find a hospital in your region that is suitable for your illness. With the help of various search functions you can quickly and easily find and compare results for specific treatments in the hospital. With the advanced search in the German Hospital Directory, for example, you can search directly for equipment features such as two-bed rooms or specific therapy offers such as occupational therapy.

With the body navigation of the hospital search, you can visually access body regions and find hospitals and clinics with offers for diagnosis and treatment of a disease. The hospital portal can be used in German and English.

The German Hospital Directory is based on the structured quality reports of the hospitals, which are updated annually. In addition, the hospitals constantly optimize this data in the German Hospital Directory. In the hospital search, users benefit from currently available nationwide hospital data - so you can find the right hospital, from university clinics to primary care clinics. In addition, there is a job portal, in the nationwide job exchange current job offers of German hospitals can be found.