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Filter search results

Already by entering terms in the search fields or using guided search functions, you are specifically looking for hospitals with specific services and offers.

On the search results page you can also filter the listed hospitals according to your wishes. This filter function is similar to that known from hotel or travel portals.

The left column of the search results page offers various filter options with clickable key fields. On tablets, these filters are arranged above the results list, unfortunately they cannot be displayed on smartphones due to space constraints.

How to use the filters

With sliders you can change the search radius or filter the list of hospitals by size (number of beds).

With a filter action, the list of hospitals displayed is automatically updated, you do not have to click a button.

In the "Other filters" area, there are several filters available, from "Specialist department" to "Hospital equipment" and "Accessibility". If you click on one of the key fields, various related aspects are displayed. With some selections there is initially a sub-selection for more precise specification.

The filters only list those aspects that are fulfilled by at least one of the hospitals shown in the search result. The number in brackets shows how many of the listed hospitals have this feature.

If you tick a checkbox, the list of hospitals will only show those hospitals that meet this requirement.

The more choices you make, the fewer hospitals will typically appear.

The selected filters are clearly displayed in a box above the filter key fields. Here you can remove individual filters or delete all filters by clicking on "Remove filter". This will return you to the original list of hospitals.