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Fachbereich Endokrinologie und Diabetologie

Aukammallee 33
65191 Wiesbaden

Phone: 0611-577212
Fax: 0611-577460
Mail: ed.nekinilk-soileh@DKD.eigolonirkodnE

Medical administration

Prof. Dr. med. T. Wehrmann (Chefarzt)

Information and services of the department

  • Number of inpatient cases: 1
  • Number of partial inpatient cases: 422

Services search (in the department)

Illness Number of cases
Special screening examination for infectious and parasitic diseases (Z11) not specified
Treatment Number
Ultrasound scanning of the blood vessels after the insertion of an ultrasound probe into the vessels (3-05g.x) 54
Investigation of the activity of the heart and lungs during sleep (1-791) 45
Assessment of a mental illness or of the relationship between mental and physical problems (1-900.0) 45
Computer-assisted analysis of the images with 3D-analysis (3-990) 43
Quantitative analysis of specific values such as organ function or blood flow rate (3-993) 23
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the head with contrast medium (3-820) 19
Computer assisted visualisation of body structures in 3 dimensions - virtual 3D reconstruction technique (3-994) 18
Measurement of lung function in an airtight cabin - whole body plethysmography (1-710) 12
Analysis of the amount of carbon monoxide taken in and given off by the lungs (1-711) 12
Examination of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum by endoscopy (1-632.1) 10

Hospital information and services for all specialist departments

Further information
Teilnahme externe Qualitätssicherung 0
Teilnahme externe Qualitätssicherung 0
Teilnahme externe Qualitätssicherung 0
Teilnahme externe Qualitätssicherung 0
  • Quality of participation in the Disease Management Programme (DMP)
    No participation
  • Implementation of resolutions of the Federal Joint Committee on quality assurance (G-BA)
    No participation
Number Group
56 Medical specialists (m/f) , psychological psychotherapists (m/f) and child and adolescent psychotherapists (m/f) who are subject to the obligation to undergo further training*
56 Number of medical specialists (m/f) from no. 1 who have completed a five-year period of further training and are therefore subject to the obligation to provide evidence
33 Number of those persons from no. 2 who have provided proof of further training according to Article 3 of the G-BA regulations
* according to the “Provisions of the Joint Federal Committee for the Further Training of Medical Specialists (m/f), Psychological Psychotherapists (m/f) and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists (m/f) in Hospitals”
Job Explanation
Lectureships / teaching posts at colleges and universities
Lectureships / teaching posts at universities of applied sciences
Student training (clinical traineeship / internship year)
Project-related cooperation with colleges and universities
Participation in multi-centre Phase I/II studies
Participation in multi-centre phase III/IV studies
Initiation and management of uni-centric/multi-centric clinical/scientific studies
Editors of scientific journals/textbooks
Doctoral supervision
No. Training in other healing professions Comment
HB01 Nurse and health care worker (m/f)
HB07 Surgical technical assistant (m/f)

Carola Wysotzki

Sekretariat der Geschäftsführung

Aukammallee 33
65191 Wiesbaden

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Lutz Künzel


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65191 Wiesbaden

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Prof. Dr. med. Till Sprenger


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