Treatment areas

Treatment areas for which quality results are determined

Pacemaker: First use (HSMDEF-HSM-IMPL) Pacemaker: unit change (HSMDEF-HSM-AGGW) Pacemaker revision / system change / explantation (HSMDEF-HSM-REV) Defibrillator (shock generator) for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias: first implantation (HSMDEF-DEFI-IMPL) Defibrillator (shock generator) for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias: replacement of the housing (HSMDEF-DEFI-AGGW) Defibrillator (shock generator) for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias: renewed intervention, replacement or removal of the defibrillator (HSMDEF-DEFI-REV) Carotid artery narrowing: restoration of adequate blood flow through surgery (KAROTIS) Gynecological operations: operations on the female genital organs (excluding operations to remove the uterus) (GYN-OP) Obstetrics: care of mother and child shortly before, during and shortly after birth (PM-GEBH) Femoral neck fracture: surgery as a result of a fracture with fixation of the broken bone parts by a metal connection (HGV-OSFRAK) Breast surgery (MC) Pressure ulcer (decubitus): prevention through nursing measures (DEK) Artificial hip joint: first insertion or exchange (HGV-HEP) Knee endoprosthesis supply: first insertion or exchange (KEP) Premature and newborn care (PM-NEO) Pneumonia acquired on an outpatient basis (CAP) Pancreas and pancreas-kidney transplantation (NET-PNTX) Hip endoprosthesis supply: Initial hip endoprosthesis implantation including endoprosthetic treatment of femur fracture (HEP_IMP) Hip endoprosthesis supply: Hip endoprosthesis replacement and hip component replacement (HEP_WE) Knee endoprosthesis supply: Initial knee endoprosthesis implantation including knee sled prostheses (KEP_IMP) Knee endoprosthesis supply: Knee endoprosthesis replacement and knee component replacement (KEP_WE) Intervention on the mitral valve (valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle) using a catheter (insertion of a tube, e.g. through a small incision in the groin) (KCHK-MK-KATH) Cardiac catheter applications