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Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Nikolausstraße 10
88212 Ravensburg

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Medical administration

PD Dr. med. Andreas Artlich (Chefarzt)

Information and services of the department

  • Number of inpatient cases: 2.608

Services search (in the department)

Illness Number of cases
Diarrhoea and gastroenteritis of presumed infectious origin (A09.0) 285
Intracranial injury (S06.0) 243
Pneumonia organism unspecified - Bronchopneumonia unspecified organism (J18.0) 129
Acute upper respiratory infections of multiple and unspecified sites - Acute upper respiratory infection unspecified (J06.9) 110
Acute bronchitis - Acute bronchitis unspecified (J20.9) 93
Viral pneumonia not elsewhere classified - Respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia (J12.1) 54
Type 1 diabetes mellitus without complications (E10.91) 46
Acute tubulo-interstitial nephritis (N10) 46
Mental and behavioural disorders due to use of alcohol (F10.0) 40
Viral infection of unspecified site - Viral infection unspecified (B34.9) 36
Treatment Number
Intensive care monitoring of respiration, the heart and the circulation without measurement of the pressure in the pulmonary artery and in the right atrium of the heart (8-930) 389
Measurement of the brain waves - EEG (1-207.0) 292
Intestinal lavage (8-121) 153
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the head with contrast medium (3-820) 109
Treatment of neurological illness or mental illness in children, with determination of the psychosocial background (e.g. family situation) or taking into account the relationship between mental and physical problems (9-403.4) 99
Administration of medicines to sedate and eliminate pain (8-903) 93
Anaesthesia with administration of an anaesthetic into a vein (8-900) 82
Function-orientated physical exercises and uses (8-561.1) 80
Treatment by specific positioning of the patient in bed, e.g. positioning in a sling table or special bed (8-390.x) 76
Examination of the cerebrospinal fluid spaces (1-204.2) 69

Hospital information and services for all specialist departments

External comparative quality assurance
Further information
Teilnahme externe Qualitätssicherung 0
Teilnahme externe Qualitätssicherung 0
No. Explanation
CQ05 Weiterführende standortbezogene Informationen unter:
Number Group
122 Medical specialists (m/f) , psychological psychotherapists (m/f) and child and adolescent psychotherapists (m/f) who are subject to the obligation to undergo further training*
86 Number of medical specialists (m/f) from no. 1 who have completed a five-year period of further training and are therefore subject to the obligation to provide evidence
70 Number of those persons from no. 2 who have provided proof of further training according to Article 3 of the G-BA regulations
* according to the “Provisions of the Joint Federal Committee for the Further Training of Medical Specialists (m/f), Psychological Psychotherapists (m/f) and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists (m/f) in Hospitals”
Job Explanation
Student training (clinical traineeship / internship year)
Lectureships / teaching posts at colleges and universities
Lectureships / teaching posts at universities of applied sciences
Project-related cooperation with colleges and universities
Editors of scientific journals/textbooks
Doctoral supervision
Participation in multi-centre Phase I/II studies
Participation in multi-centre phase III/IV studies
No. Training in other healing professions Comment
HB02 Health and paediatric nurse (m/f)
HB01 Nurse and health care worker (m/f)
HB07 Surgical technical assistant (m/f)
HB15 Anaesthesia technical assistant (m/f)
HB03 Physical therapist / physiotherapist (m/f)
HB05 Medical technical radiology assistant (MTRA) (m/f)
HB18 Emergency paramedics (m/f) (training period 3 years)
HB20 Nursing professional B. Sc.
HB19 Nursing professionals

Hans Zimmerer


Nikolausstraße 10
88212 Ravensburg

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Alexandra Bohner


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Ulrich Hornstein

Kaufmännischer Direktor

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88212 Ravensburg

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Dipl. Kaufmann (FH) Jörg Holitschke

Qualitäts- und Risikomanager

Nikolausstraße 10
88212 Ravensburg

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Dr. Jörg Bickeböller-Friedrich

Leitung Apotheke

Nikolausstraße 10
88212 Ravensburg

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