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Innere Medizin, Gastroenterologie, Kardiologie und Angiologie

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21502 Geesthacht

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Medical administration

Dr. C. Keller (Chefarzt)

Information and services of the department

  • Number of inpatient cases: 3.915

Services search (in the department)

Illness Number of cases
Essential (primary) hypertension (I10.01) 221
Left ventricular failure, unspecified (I50.14) 203
Volume depletion (E86) 138
Pneumonia, organism unspecified - Other pneumonia, unspecified organism (J18.8) 104
Atrial fibrillation and flutter - Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (I48.0) 94
Cerebral infarction (I63.8) 89
Pneumonia, organism unspecified - Lobar pneumonia, unspecified organism (J18.1) 87
Pain in throat and chest (R07.3) 82
Other disorders of urinary system - Urinary tract infection, site not specified (N39.0) 79
Left ventricular failure, unspecified (I50.13) 75
Treatment Number
Computed tomography (CT) of the head without contrast medium (3-200) 793
Intensive care monitoring of respiration, the heart and the circulation without measurement of the pressure in the pulmonary artery and in the right atrium of the heart (8-930) 782
(9-984.7) 646
Examination of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum by endoscopy (1-632.0) 578
Computer-assisted analysis of the images with 3D-analysis (3-990) 513
Treatment on the intensive care unit (basic procedures) (8-980.0) 423
Computed tomography of the chest with contrast medium (3-222) 400
(9-984.8) 386
Examination of the left side of the heart with a tube (catheter) inserted into the heart via an artery (1-275.0) 377
Computed tomography (CT) of the chest without contrast medium (3-202) 371

Hospital information and services for all specialist departments

Further information
  • External quality assurance according to state law
    No participation
  • Implementation of resolutions of the Federal Joint Committee on quality assurance (G-BA)
    No participation
Number Group
42 Medical specialists (m/f) , psychological psychotherapists (m/f) and child and adolescent psychotherapists (m/f) who are subject to the obligation to undergo further training*
30 Number of medical specialists (m/f) from no. 1 who have completed a five-year period of further training and are therefore subject to the obligation to provide evidence
30 Number of those persons from no. 2 who have provided proof of further training according to Article 3 of the G-BA regulations
* according to the “Provisions of the Joint Federal Committee for the Further Training of Medical Specialists (m/f), Psychological Psychotherapists (m/f) and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists (m/f) in Hospitals”
Job Explanation
Student training (clinical traineeship / internship year)
No. Training in other healing professions Comment
HB01 Nurse and health care worker (m/f) Neueinstellungen erfolgen zum 01. August des Jahres. Insgesamt 15 Schülerinnen und Schüler beginnen jedes Jahr ihre Ausbildung. Die theoretische Ausbildung findet in der Krankenpflegeschule des BG Klinikum Hamburg statt.

C. Wagner


Am Runden Berge 3
21502 Geesthacht

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Andrea Kaatz


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Dr. T. Rath


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Dr. T. Rath

Ärztlicher Direktor

Am Runden Berge 3
21502 Geesthacht

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Mail: ed.suahneknark-retinnahoj@ofni