St. Josef-Krankenhaus Königstein

Allgemeine Chirurgie

Information and services of the department

  • Number of inpatient cases: 89

Services search (in the department)

Illness Number of cases
Dorsalgia (M54.4) 87
Dorsalgia unspecified (M54.95) not specified
Osteoporosis with pathological fracture (M80.08) not specified
Treatment Number
Regional pain control by injecting an anaesthetic into a space in the spinal canal (epidural space) (8-910) 89
(9-984.6) 4
Computed tomography (CT) of the head without contrast medium (3-200) 0
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the spine and spinal cord without contrast medium (3-802) 0
(9-984.7) 0

Hospital information and services for all specialist departments

Further information
Teilnahme externe Qualitätssicherung 0
Teilnahme externe Qualitätssicherung 0
  • Quality of participation in the Disease Management Programme (DMP)
    No participation
  • Implementation of resolutions of the Federal Joint Committee on quality assurance (G-BA)
    No participation
Number Group
2 Medical specialists (m/f) , psychological psychotherapists (m/f) and child and adolescent psychotherapists (m/f) who are subject to the obligation to undergo further training*
2 Number of medical specialists (m/f) from no. 1 who have completed a five-year period of further training and are therefore subject to the obligation to provide evidence
2 Number of those persons from no. 2 who have provided proof of further training according to Article 3 of the G-BA regulations
* according to the “Provisions of the Joint Federal Committee for the Further Training of Medical Specialists (m/f), Psychological Psychotherapists (m/f) and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists (m/f) in Hospitals”

Bärbel Blaschke


Phone: 06174-208-0
Mail: ed.nietsgineok-fesoj-ts@gnutlawrevnetneitap

Marcel Blaeschke

Leiter Patientenverwaltung

Phone: 06174-208-120
Mail: ed.nietsgineok-fesoj-ts@gnutlawrevnetneitap

Marcel Blaeschke

Leiter Patientenverwaltung/QM-Beauftragter

Phone: 06174-208-120
Mail: ed.nietsgineok-fesoj-ts@gnutlawrevnetneitap

Prof. Dr. Dominik Denschlag

Ärztlicher Direktor

Phone: 06172-14-2580
Mail: ed.nekinilk-sunuathcoh@galhcsned.kinimod

Dr. med Matthias Klingele

stellv. ärztlicher Direktor, Chefarzt Medizinische Klinik

Phone: 06081-1070-
Mail: ed.nietsgineok-fesoj-ts@ofni