A hygiene officer has not been established

Hygiene commission not established

Doctors’ hygiene officer 0
Hygiene specialists 0 Externe Hygienebeauftragung
Hygiene officers in nursing care 0 Externe Hygienebeauftragung

No CVC (central venous catheter) inserted

No implementation of wound care

Hand disinfection (ml / patient day)
Hand disinfectant consumption in all intensive care units non-existant
Hand disinfectant consumption on all general stations not collected
Hand disinfectant consumption is recorded on a ward-specific basis. No
Dealing with multi-resistant pathogens (MRE) and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)
The standardized information of patients with a known colonization or infection by the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureaus (MRSA) is e.g. through the flyers of the MRSA networks. no
A site-specific information management with regard to MRSA-populated patients is available (site-specific information management means that there are structured guidelines on how information about settlement or infections with resistant pathogens at the site can be identified at their site employees in order to avoid the spread of pathogens). no
There is a risk-adapted admission screening based on the current RKI recommendations. No
There are regular and structured training courses for employees on how to deal with patients populated by MRSA / MRE / Noro viruses. No
No. Instrument or measure