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Quality results

Treatment sector: Pressure ulcer (decubitus): prevention through nursing measures (DEK)

Designation Pflege: Dekubitusprophylaxe
Shortcut DEK
Number of cases 143
Documentation rate 100 %

Summary result:

In 2 of 2 quality characteristics, the quality objective was achieved.
No assessment is possible for any quality characteristic

Number of patients treated: 143

Quality objective achieved
Quality objective not achieved

The results in detail

Quality criterion
Hospital result
and target area
Quality objective
All information
Ratio of the actual number to the previously expected number of patients suffering from a pressure sore (decubitus) during hospitalisation (patients in whom pressure caused a reddening of the skin that could not be pushed away but the skin was still intact (degree of decubitus/ category 1) were not considered - individual risks of the patients were taken into account)
National result: 1,05
Hospital: 1,46
Target area: at most 2,32
Quality objective achieved
Patients in whom a pressure sore (decubitus) developed in at least one place during their stay in hospital: The pressure sore reached down to the muscles, bones or joints and resulted in the mortification of muscles, bones or supporting structures (e.g. tendons or joint capsules) (decubitus grade/ category 4)
National result: 0,00 %
Hospital: Data protection

No information due to data protection

Sentinel Event
Quality objective achieved
National result: 0,06 %
Hospital: Data protection

No information due to data protection

Evaluation is not available
National result: 0,33 %
Hospital: 2,10 %
Evaluation is not available